Victory Security understands the unique requirements associated with providing security services to healthcare facilities. We share in the commitment to patient safety and high quality service. Our experienced staff strives to create a secure setting for health care employees to work. The security professionals at Victory Security receive training in interpersonal skills and are encouraged to practice those skills while protecting residents, patients, visitors and staff, as well as property. We can provide customized training programs that may include:

  • HIPPA requirements
  • Fire safety

  • Evacuation plans & drills

  • OHSA standards

  • The Joint Commission’s National Standards for Safety

  • Elopement awareness

  • Crisis Prevention Intervention Training

Victory Security management works closely with clients to ensure that security and safety protocols are consistently reviewed and evaluated to facilitate the most comprehensive security program for each facility. We service hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, psychiatric units, and long term care facilities with a wide range of services, including:

  • Emergency Room Security Officers

  • Parking lot security

  • Employee escort service

  • Access Control Officers

  • Concierge / Security receptionist

  • Intake Officers

  • Integrated Technology Solutions

  • Visitor screening and authorization

  • Violence prevention