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Victory Security | International Security
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International Security



To protect and secure with the highest degree of professionalism and loyalty to our clients.
Regardless of the nature of your business, or where your projects and employees are located, safety is a top issue discussed in boardrooms and executive suites around the world. You are not immune from acts of terrorism around the globe. You can however take steps to protect your assets and personnel located in even the most hostile of international locations.


By use of former military personnel, including former United States Special Forces, former State Department Officials and former Secret Service Special Agents, Victory Security is capable of providing threat assessments, security surveys and organize logistics for oncoming security forces for international security projects. Our agents have had military training in the areas of engineering, military police and military intelligence. Along with a security unit, we also provide a K-9 division. Our teams are available for international projects. Executive Protection is available for international travel by use of former Military and Law Enforcement operatives.




Robert B. Maxwell Mr. Maxwell has twenty-five years of experience in the security industry. He is a former Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. Mr. Maxwell has provided Executive Protection for personnel of United States Corporations around the world as well as members of the Royal Family of both Jordan and Saudi Arabia. His event security background includes the 1984 Olympic Torch Relay and Hands Across America.


Mr. Maxwell has a B.S. degree in Business Management and Labor Relations.




Terrorism is an ever-evolving animal that strikes at the weakest or most vulnerable spot in your country’s defense. Our company has realized and identified that seaports will be a target for terrorist in the near future. They have used planes, trains and car bombs so the next logical weak spot is the world’s seaports. We have structured our Port Security Division to aid countries in protecting their seaports in the most economical and efficient way. We have gathered international experts in the area of Port Security to train our security force. This gives us the ability to offer the best-trained security force in the industry to handle one of the largest and most sensitive security missions today.


We offer:

  • Armed and unarmed security officers
  • K-9 Detection Team, bomb, narcotic, and patrol
  • Investigation Unit
  • Emergency Response Teams




All of our officers must pass an extensive background check, as you cannot just put anyone in a uniform in such a sensitive security position without a thorough background check. We hire only personnel that show a high regard for professionalism in their appearance. Security means to deter and if our officers look the part they will deter security breech attempts. Integrity and loyalty are two characteristics that all of the officers must possess.




Our cadre of seaport security experts will train the officers’ site specific. Our cadre will instill espirit de corp with this training. The minimum amount of training will be 160 hours. Our goal is to have a security force that can enable government to handle the immense security mission at their seaports. This is too large of a job and costly to use all government workers. By using our elite security force you won’t be able to tell the difference between government officers or our security force except it will be more cost efficient to accomplish the mission.




  • Laws and regulations
  • Fire arms training
  • Search and seizures
  • Report writing
  • Proper uniform attire
  • K-9 training
  • Standard operation procedures
  • Interview techniques
  • Physical training
  • First-aid and fire training
  • Evidence handling
  • Emergency response training