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Victory Security | Bulk Alarm Monitoring
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Bulk Alarm Monitoring

Security equipment is usually one-time purchase, however, bulk alarm monitoring is a monthly expense. Basically, you are putting your trust in the monitoring company to watch over and protect your property and investments. An alarm monitoring company uses special phone lines, computers and trained staff to watch over a home security system and call the appropriate authority should the alarm be set off. A monthly fee is charged for the use of this service.


Does your association or commercial building have a bulk monitoring agreement with a third party vendor? Quality and experience can vary greatly among monitoring companies, it is important to know exactly who you are putting your trust in. Victory Security has years of experience and knowledge in providing quality security systems that protect the homes and businesses to residents of Florida. We provide nothing short of superior service, as is evidenced in our excellent customer retention rate.


Let Victory Security perform a facility audit and provide a quote. Aside from cost savings, we can assure a more personal relationship with increased service.


Contact one of our representatives today at 412.621.5770 for more information.